Communication Framework for the European Forest Risk Facility

A operational framework to effectively communicate the vision of the Forest Risk Facility

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Shared knowledge case: Communication Framework for the European Forest Risk Facility


This FRISK Strategic Communications Plan outlines actionable objectives and an implementation approach to guide communicators and others in designing, preparing and executing strategic communications about the FRISK Strategy.  Communications and outreach work will be conducted throughout the coming years by FRISK members, the NetRiskWork project and partners to advance key messages about the philosophy of the FRISK Strategy leading to progress towards the vision in the context of the FRISK goals – Resilient Forests, Risk Adapted Communities and Safe & Effective, Forest Crisis Response under the motto:




  • Educate and inform stakeholders about the importance of Resilient Forests, Risk Adapted Communities and Safe, Effective, Forest Crisis Response and how collaborative efforts can address and resolve forest risk issues, including the ecological benefits and impacts of disturbance factors.
  • Inform and educate stakeholders about the need for understanding risk, the trade-offs associated with risk-based decisions and the willingness to take short-term risks for long-term gains. 
  • Inform and educate stakeholders about forest risk and disturbances and how agencies and organizations are working together through collaborative efforts across boundaries and with community engagement to reduce the impacts of disturbances on forests and communities. 
  • Create a useful database of information tools and consistent messages about the FRISK Strategy approach to achieving the vision and goals based on collaboration and best science.



Communications Consistency

Ensure consistency in all communications and key messaging, internally and externally in a timely, accurate and proactive manner.

  • Continue to conduct ongoing informal analysis of known and potential audiences to create and adapt appropriate messages for internal agency and organizational use as well as external use.
  • Keep consistent “look and feel” throughout all current and future dissemination methods to promote recognition of the FRISK Strategy and collaborative efforts to achieve the vision and goals.
  • Share progress and accomplishments of FRISK implementation. 

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