European Forest Risk Facility

The European Forest Risk Facility facilitates cooperation and exchange between existing communities that address or are affected by disturbances and risks to European forests. An innovative platform of exchange and knowledge transfer on forest disturbances, risk prevention and management it connects science, policy and practice as an “honest broker”.  

A European Forest Risk Facility 

  • fosters integrating disturbances into management in order to make forests and forest landscapes more resilient.
  • supports identifying needs and capacities amongst different domains and stakeholders while stimulating cross-boundary exchange of knowledge and expertise on forest risks.
  • mobilizes specialists and expert networks to provide the needed guidance and capacities where required or requested.
  • contributes to gathering and organizing comprehensive and up-to-date information related to disturbances and threats to forests and identifies gaps in research and management.
  • supports the collection of lessons learned and good practice guidance to stimulate further research, monitoring and management activities towards improved and adapted mitigation and provide for their communication

The permanent structure of a European Forest Risk Facility provides continuity, organizes knowledge transfer and enables trust-building with and amongst actors.

About the RiskPlatform

The RiskPlatform is a web-based and mobile application tool to contribute to the vision of the European Forest Risk Facility: Increasing the resilience of European forests and related landscapes towards future global change impacts, promoting prevention as well as risk and crisis management.

The aim of the platform is to become an information hub for all the forest risks and disturbances knowledge, not only relevant for academic users but for all risk managers. Furthermore, this internal meeting point of experts enables the users to “connect-collect-exchange” within their communities and meet new potential collaboration partners from all around Europe.

Why to join?

  • You can connect both to colleagues from science and practice from several European countries to share knowledge and expertise from scientific literature to operational practical information, information on training and capacity building needs:
  • If you do not know your peer group in person, you can build trust and professional relationships via the Riskplatform and thus facilitate mutual assistance and support. 
  • You can promote your professional profile and expertise by sharing so-called “Shared Knowledge cases” (case studies, videos, reports, articles, statements, interviews, pictures  of forest risk management and mitigation examples from various regions and disturbances. 
  • Via keywords, you can search for relevant Shared knowledge cases: 
  • The Riskplatform is also used for the so-called “Exchanges of Experts” (EoE Forest), to plan and document activities. 

The Riskplatform can be used on a computer, a smartphone or tablet to make it user-friendly and applicable for every day purposes. All regional Risk Facility nodes as well as the Risk Facility secretariat are available to assist users and to feed information into the platform. You can find the user contact information in the Riskplatform or contact the Risk Facility secretariat via email: